Thoughts about “The Go Again”


What is in “The Go-Again” for me? It wants me to hop on its merry-go-round for a ride or two or three. Now that’s a fun idea, living two times around – or more. But do we ever learn from the past? No answer here in the story, just the hint that a third and even more tragic “go-again” could happen.

     Behind it all we have a character, our narrator, who keeps repeating his own mistakes – and apparently will be doing just that yet another time. I keep thinking, maybe he should use one or two or three lives to get to the bottom of the jealousy that seems to be following him from life, to life, to life. Seen from a psychological point of view, he seems to have had pretty much the same emotional development in each of his lives: he just does not know how to deal with the problem of jealousy. Could we arrange three couches so that this one person could get individual help for each of his three existences?

     But then again, I’m no great fan of psychological realism.

I like ideas that develop, symbols that evolve, meanings that tangle. It would not hurt this merry-go-round to revolve around something more significant than an expensive bottle of whiskey.

     There are some mistakes in grammar, the “rosy cheeked rogue” should come between “Sherrie and ME” – at least until
so many people have made the same mistake that our language once and for all loses its pronominal characteristics. Or is our narrator Huck Finning it? And then there is the whiskey that tastes of anachronism. What does that mean? That it is aged?

     Why the tale itself? Just for fun? I think Vonnegut has done this kind of thing better: but his go-arounds always revolved on something meaningful, his plot spinners were often more inventive. That’s what I call fun. 


by John von Daler


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The story Go-Again has appeared in the first issue of ‘5Stories’. You can read the complete story at


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