What do we have in the maiden issue of 5Stories?


It is a mystical world filled with unusual, horrifying but thrilling elements. There we have a girl, who can give a shiver down your spine just by her ghostly stare; a man who can brutally kill his family but wake up the next day morning with absolute innocence; a pretty good girl that divided between her chances and choices; a man who carries his dreadful past and still bewildered about his present. It is a world of humans and beasts. The humans who are scared to make even a move and the beasts that would tear humans limb from limb, jaws stretching wide, teeth bared, gleaming fangs exposed, shiny white with saliva, with their huge, swollen, red tongue slashing wildly from side to side.

Stories! We crave for stories as much a Capuchin monkey for grapes. Storytelling is one of the oldest arts in human history but one would wonder, during our hunting-and-gathering past, why would we take the time to sit and listen to someone tell a story? Are we somehow “hard wired” for narrative? Why does the modern person take time away from a busy lifestyle, from career and family, for novels and films? Let us keep these questions for the psychologists and anthropologists to answer, and indulge ourselves in 5Stories!
5Stories is a monthly digital only magazine in which every issue features 5 stories across various genres. 5Stories aims to be at the forefront of storytelling, pushing the boundaries while exploring the best and the most exciting short stories. Only original, previously unpublished short stories appear on 5Stories. It facilitates connections between emerging writers and global readers at large.

Grab your copy at http://www.scribd.com/doc/213660434/5Stories-Issue1-Short-Stories-eMagazine



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