The journey started. 5Stories launched!!


Shweta was relieved when they reached the hotel; she tried to make conversation with Raman but was very conscious of his rank in the company and didn’t want to say anything that would be unfitting. She didn’t know him much and wasn’t sure whether she was being judged.

She quickly got her room key from the reception and turned towards him, “Thanks Raman for the drive. I’m going to my room and relax now.”

“Sure, I’ll see you tomorrow then. My room number is 521 in case you need something.”

Shweta nodded and walked towards the elevator. Incidentally her room was also on the fifth floor.              



Will Shweta’s life take unexpected twists? Will she be able to come out clean and follow her dreams? Check out in Trapped

The FIRST ISSUE of 5Stories is out now!


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