5Stories had a great launch!!

She stares at me. Rather, her stare bores through me and gives me shivers. This girl is hardly old enough to be on the adult psychiatric unit. Yet, here she is standing about fifteen feet away, just staring. There is a surreal evil emanating from her and I feel her staring into my soul. Possibly it is her appearance. She wears only black clothing. Raven hair, dark eyes, which could be from the medication they are giving her but there is something indefinable about this particular patient. I have never felt anything like this before. It is unmistakable. She remains without moving for five minutes or so before leaving. I don’t know her name. I only know she frightens me and I didn’t know why.


.                                                                                   Who is that mysterious girl? What is in her mind? Can one be able to decode her look, her puzzling acts? Find out in The Raven Haired Girl


The FIRST ISSUE of 5Stories is out now!



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