The first crack on the egg

Random thoughts of an editor…

A Nutty Editor playing the game of Pen, Paper and Scissors.

In an interview that I had taken, veteran writer and Jnanapeet award winner Prof U R Ananthamurthy told me “Writing is like crystallization. You need the solvent, solution and a thread. You keep them there for time to take over and do its magic. You are sure of getting a shining crystal, but never know exactly when. It may happen overnight, or it may take an entire decade. You will never know about it”
I happen to think about it over and over again. How true! There were times I had wasted an entire day thinking of my first line. There were instances I had spent an entire evening just about a four word title! But there were also times I had finished a beautiful and thought provoking piece of work in just a couple of hours. And then I had thought that I might not have come up with…

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